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Evaluations for Immigration Applications

How can an assessment help?

As a licensed and trained Mental Health Counselor I am able to assist you in completing the required psychological evaluation for seeking asylum and extreme hardship to remain in the United States.

A detailed and thorough mental health assessment can help tremendously in your attempt to seek asylum and extreme hardship status. This assessment allows the Court to gain an understanding of the harm it would cause should you not be able to remain in the United States and/or the negative experiences you’ve had because of your immigration to the United States.

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What is involved in the assessment?

You will have a clinical assessment done by me, personally. This includes a scheduled meeting by confidential video. During the assessment, I will administer several accepted clinical assessments to measure mental health. I will also conduct a clinical interview to gain a clear understanding of your history and experiences. The clinical interview will just feel like us talking to each other.

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It is understandable that the topics we need to discuss may feel difficult at times. As a trauma informed therapist, I have been trained to help you discuss these difficult topics in a more relaxed manner.

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The Report

I fully collaborate with your immigration attorney to ensure your information is accurate and pertaining to your case. The immigration report will be a product of the mental health assessment, clinical interview and documentation you provide to sustain an accurate result. The report should be completed 1-2 weeks following the final clinical interview.

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Next Steps

Call me today for a free consultation to discuss your unique situation. During this consultation you will be able to describe which kind of evaluation your attorney has suggested and the cost involved. Your consultation is completely private and confidential.