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Pre-Surgical Bariatric Evaluations

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Bariatric surgery can be equally exciting and scary at the same time. It’s a personal decision that doesn’t come easy.

Clients must be mentally prepared before undergoing their weight loss or bariatric surgery. In a psychological assessment, a licensed mental health counselor identifies major emotional barriers that could create challenges after the surgery.

As licensed mental health counselor in South Florida, I conduct pre-surgical bariatric evaluations in both English and Spanish. The evaluation will be conducted in two 50 minute sessions. The first session will be obtaining your background information. You will receive the questionnaires for you to complete and return to me before the second session. During the second session we will review your answers and discuss any questions you may have. You will receive the written report within 10-14 days after the second session.

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Below you'll find the answers to questions I'm asked the most.

How much does the psychological evaluation cost?

The total cost for the completed evaluation is $550. That includes the two virtual appointments and the written report. There is a $150 non-refundable scheduling fee that is applied to the total. The balance will be paid during the second session.

Is the evaluation covered by insurance?

While your insurance company may cover the evaluation, I do not directly accept insurance for the appointments. I can, however offer you an invoice for you to take to your insurance company for reimbursement using your out-of-network benefits. It is your responsibility to call your insurance company to check your benefits.

What can I expect during the evaluation?

The evaluation will be conducted mostly as a conversation between us. During that time I will ask you to describe your history. We will cover topics such as your health history, any trauma or abuse, and your current lifestyle. You will also be given a couple of psychological questionnaires to further provide an accurate picture of your mental health. You can expect to feel comfortable and at ease during the evaluation.

Are you qualified to do the evaluation?

Yes, I’m a licensed mental health counselor with the state of Florida. I am also uniquely qualified based on my experience teaching graduate students how to assess and diagnose mental health disorders.

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